Bus Schedules: Private and Charter Schools

Please direct transportation inquiries, requests to add or remove your child from service to your child's school. Note that the buses will provide service to your school per its posted academic calendar. Buses will not run on days the Manchester School District closes due to weather emergencies. All Private School and Charter School students riding Manchester school district buses are subject to the Manchester School District Transportation Policy, which can be found here: http://bosc.mansd.org/policies/policies-transportation

It is recommended that students be at their stops ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled stop time. Parents please note: bus arrival times may vary slightly due to weather, road conditions, or traffic.

Charter School Bus Schedules

WHS 1, KREV Shuttle, WHS 2, SPK, KREV, Shuttle-12/9/21

WHS 1-2.pdf

CHS 1-KREV, HFA Shuttle, CHS 2-SPK, KREV Shuttle-12-9-21

CHS 1-KREV-HFA Shuttle-CHS 2-SPK-KREV Shuttle 12-9-21.pdf

CHARTER 1-5-MSM, MZ, MFCS- 3-10-22



MHS BUS 1-TFA Shuttle, MHS 2-HFA,SPK,KREV, TFA Shuttle, MHS 3-TFA, KREV Shuttle, MHS 4-HFA, SPK, KREV Shuttle, MHS 5- TFA, KREV Shuttle, MHS 6-KREV, TFA, HFA Shuttle-6-3-22


POLARIS BUS 1-2-4 ROUTES-12-9-21